Masterclass Strategic Negotiating

Training specifications

In company
2 days, 5 day parts
In company

New instruments For the experienced negotiator

 If  you are a negotiator who wants to be able to accurately observe when and linked to which topic the other party feels tension or stress (even unconsciously) or when tension or stress is absent. If you are a negotiator who wants to be able to anticipate on the other party’s behavior when the negotiation gets tense. If you want to be able to build an effective working relationship with any other negotiator. Then this Masterclass will offer you new and unique insights, closely linked to a practical approach for the negotiator.

The innovative and science based INSA Method provides you with instruments that will further  enhance your negotiation skills. You will be even more able to keep an overview in negotiation situations and use focused interventions.

Target audience

Experienced professionals who negotiate frequently, often representing their organizations and/or high interests. The training is being conducted by Herman Ilgen, experienced negotiator and Managing Partner at INSA.


On the first day, you will learn to recognize patterns of facial micro-movements. And the practical meaning they convey. The theoretical framework is established, in which visual material plays an important role. Your own non-verbal behavior will also be analyzed. You will then be able to see the influence you yourself have on the process. In short negotiation exercises you will experience the impact of nonverbal communication.

On the second day, you will get acquainted with the strategy-types, as well as their qualities and pitfalls, associated with those patterns. You will also learn how those patterns influence interpersonal interaction, especially in a negotiation context. You will be able to test your skills in intensive negotiation exercises with a training actor.

Between days 1 and 2 you will have the opportunity to put into practice at home and elsewhere the things you learned on day 1, with the help of video material sent to you.

This training has been approved by the Dutch Mediation Federation (MfN 15 PE points).