Managing and Facilitating Processes with the INSA Method

Training specifications

November 12 and 26 2018, April 23 and May 2019
2 days, 5 day parts


€895,00 ex VAT


Processmanagement and teammanagement on a higher level

If it is essential for you to be able to anticipate and influence the interaction between people, for example in teamwork or in a conflict. Then this advanced training offers you new insights and a practical set of instruments to bring your process management skills to a higher level.

Target audience
Consultants, mediators, negotiators, leaders, law enforcement professionals, HR managers, projectmanagers, coaches and other professionals, who wish to enhance their process management skills. It is required to have followed the basic training From Sharp Insight to Accurate Actions.
This training has been approved by the Dutch Mediators Federation (MfN 15 PE points).


First, on day 1, your analytical skills will be refreshed. Then insight will be provided in the interactions between the strategy types. We will use split-screen video-material for exercises. First the individuals in the interaction will be analyzed; from this analysis a (situational) prediction will be made for the interaction. The split-screen video will then show how the interaction unfolds.

For the exercises and for your professional practice you receive a reference book with interaction charts, showing the nonverbal interaction process between all strategy types (with situational variance). These charts also contain specific advice on how to proceed. Indispensable for a throrough preparation. You will receive an exercise case to work on for day 2. Finally short interaction simulations will be conducted using the PNR profiles of the participants.

On day 2 the exercise case will be reviewed. After more in-depth treatment of the PNR interaction process the day will be devoted to practical exercises using training actors in a simulation of a conflict situation.