Explaining nonverbal impact


We aim to help you communicate more effectively. By providing deeper insight in how nonverbal communication influences you and the other person. And first and foremost, by postponing or relinquishing your judgment and by observing in a factual way. We also want to contribute to more integrity and safety in our society.

For this we deliver various consultancy services and trainings. The INSA Method of nonverbal strategy analysis is founded upon academic research and professional practice. We conduct research ourselves together with the University of Amsterdam.

Managing Partner, negotiator, mediator, researcher and trainer

Herman Ilgen

I have been a negotiator for more than 35 years and a mediator and trainer for more than 20 years. The psychology of negotiations and conflict situations has always fascinated me. Especially the seemingly elusive way processes can get bogged down or change for the good. I am interested in all effects of the unconscious in situations of tension. So, I have immersed myself in the relationship between (observable) nonverbal communication and unconscious behaviour.

Also, by conducting research in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. In my view this provides for new possibilities to direct and mentor processes.


For more information, please contact me: of  +31652392871

Associate Partner, profiler en trainer

An Gaiser

As a probation officer I have helped a lot of suspects and ex-prisoners with the aim to help them strengthen their position in society. I was an advisor on sentence provisions to the court. In this capacity I had to report about personality issues and make a risk assessment about possible recidivism. The diversity of people and their underlying problems taught me a lot about behaviour and underlying emotional interests. Later I have applied my experience in politically sensitive contexts within the Dutch government. I now have more than 18 years of experience in this field. The INSA method of nonverbal strategy analysis has helped me to better respond to the intentions and the needs of the people I have conversations with. The predictive value also helped me to determine and explain the behaviour I observe.

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Partner, researcher and trainer


 As a cultural anthropologist I have been taught to observe people as objectively as possible. The INSA Method of nonverba strategy analysis helps me to postpone my judgement. In my experience this is valuable, because it leads to a better understanding of others and my influence on them. It motivates me to work with the INSA Method of nonverbal strategy analysis. My focus is participating as a trainer in the basic trainings and contributing to the research.

For more information, please contact me: of 0646182528.


We like to work together with good quality partners.

The professionals below have been trained and certified by us. They meet the conditions to continue their license and comply with our quality and integrity requirements to be able to perform nonverbal strategy analysis. By combining our expertise, we ensure optimal results for our customers.


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Recherchebureau Incognito

Safety First Training, Martijn van Agtmaal

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