Explaining nonverbal impact


Explaining nonverbal impact

What INSA can do for you

Would you like to better understand yourself and others? And to be able to quickly and thoroughly solve conflicts? Or to better understand motives and interests of your interlocutor and to be able to intervene?

The INSA method of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis is validated in practice. The method has unique safeguards for quality and integrity because it is based on scientific research. Our own research with the University of Amsterdam is now available. The measurements are also empirical and verifiable. We are continuously conducting scientific research together with the University of Amsterdam to test the method

INSA professionals analyze the unconscious, highly repetitive micromovements in the face. Micromovements reveal in a short period of time the intent people are transmitting and what they are sensitive to. INSA professionals at INSA consultancy are specialized in team-consultancy, process management, profiling, investigative interviewing and training.

You can also learn to apply the INSA method yourself.

About Us

INSA consists of three driven professionals, each with their own background and also a joint focus on improving the effectiveness of communication between people.

Measuring nonverbal micromovements without making judgements is essential in recognizing relevant information in nonverbal cues. This is our base, together with the commitment to constantly test our method with scientific research.

We deliver consultancy services to solve your problem more effectively. We also train others to be able to use the INSA method themselves.



With the Team Navigator® you can gain quick and in-depth insight in the potential of your team, and act upon it.

Negotiators and Mediators

As a negotiator and mediator, with the INSA method of nonverbal strategy analysis you can learn to anticipate on people’s behavior and processes. You can develop more accuracy to influence the behavior of your counterparts or conflict parties. You can also acquire the ability of sharp process-management in negotiations.

Professionals in Security, Police or Justice Department

Our professionals can teach you how to observe and gain insight into motives and intent behind deviant behavior. Our training will help you develop new investigative and interrogation techniques, based on the INSA method of nonverbal strategy analysis.

HR Professionals

As an HR professional, you can learn to understand important factors for the good performance of people in a team or organization. You can develop the ability to influence situations by creating the right boundary conditions.

INSA, centre of expertise for specialist consultancy and training

We make the unconscious undercurrent in communication transparent and manageable. By teaching new skills we enable people to recognize and understand nonverbal behavior. This skill can change your approach to make communication more effective. We support our customers by gaining in-depth insight in teamwork, negotiations, mediations and risk management in sensitive situations.

A selection of our training courses


Insights from negotiating practice for your professional practice

If negotiating is part of your job and you are used to act from personal experience and reasoning, you can develop your skills to a professional and strategic level.  Our practical training will provide you with a crucial advantage in your negotiations.

Because negotiating successfully involves more than just knowing a method.

Practitioners training understanding nonverbal dynamicS

Basic training INSA method of Nonverbal Strategy Analysis

Develop the skill to predict how behavior of people and processes will unfold. Learn to act accurately upon the behavior of
individuals you are working with. You will also learn to understand your own nonverbal impact on others.


Professional analysis, monitoring and interventions

Do you need to ascertain that a team member or an employee will act within the values and norms of your company? And do you want to maintain the good reputation of your organization? The INSA Method of nonverbal strategy analysis will enable you to see and understand the qualities, pitfalls, motives and intent of your employee. With this training you will be able to see opportunities and risks for your company more quickly.

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